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Close up shot of a raven face. The Raven (Corvus corax)

Copyrighted photos and clips by Allex Michael

Clever, playful and very curious, ravens are known for their problem solving abilities. New scientific evidence about brain structure, indicates ravens and some parrots may rival the brain power of more intelligent mammals such as primates.

Though appearing the same, the U.S. Geological Survey reports common ravens in the SW United States are genetically different from other common ravens. So there may also be more than one subspecies worldwide.

Like crows, ravens are very vocal. However they have a much wider range of vocalizations than their smaller relatives. Their social interactions are also quite complex. A raven flies in a snowy field.

As one of the most widespread species, common ravens are found in almost every imaginable wilderness habitat in the northern hemisphere. Geographic regions are extensive including North America, South America, northern Europe, Greenland, Iceland, central and northern Asia, Australia, NW Africa, NW India, Scandinavia and the British Isles. Younger birds congregate in groups, but most are sighted alone or in pairs.

Primarily scavengers, ravens eat mostly carrion and insects. These birds are also opportunistic and will eat some grains, fruit, amphibians, reptiles, nuts, garbage, mollusks, nestlings and eggs. They are also food storers, caching dozens of snacks for the future. This is particularly important in colder regions.

Ravens have been known to trick predators away from their prey, and will monitor wolf packs for potential kills. More wary than a crow, ravens will avoid unknown types of carrion and carrion in unusual places. Ravens have even been seen visiting bird feeders.

Though rare, and mostly in remote areas, dozens to over one hundred adult ravens have been observed roosting together in a large spruce tree at night. The birds remain totally silent, unless disturbed. Then all the ravens suddenly fly away, in an eerie black spectacle. Experts speculate these roosts of ravens afford protection from owls. In additions to owls, adult ravens are also killed by power lines, vehicles and starvation. Raven eggs and fledglings are vulnerable to owls, birds of prey and even coyotes.

A raven face close up. A raven flies across a snowy field. A raven head. A raven alerts upwards. A raven in the snow. Metal Arrow links to Raven Facts 2
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